Are you a guest in your own home?

When you walk in your front door does it really say who you are? Even a beautiful, professionally decorated house can feel like a hotel lobby if it isn't personal. I want to help you express your style in a way that is authentic and fulfilling and really provides you with a true sense of comfort.

The "Stuff" You Love.

I'll start by asking a lot of questions about your lifestyle and your stuff. Do you need a spot for your Majolica plate collection? Do you want a massage table in your spa bath? What are you going to do with all the art your kids make at school? How do you keep track of your family's calendar? Or do you want your wine storage to include a tasting room? Once we break down the way you live, I can design and manage the implementation of solutions to improve it, with an emphasis on quality and value.

Kitchens Are My Specialty.

I really enjoy designing a whole home but kitchens are special to me. Whether it's an 8-foot, studio galley or 96 running feet of custom kitchen furniture and integrated appliances in a Hampton's estate, designing a kitchen is an evolutionary process. It's my job to collect your thoughts and engineer the kitchen of your dreams. I'm looking for the custom finishing touches - think Art Deco-inspired glass backsplash, a custom copper hood or a built-in Miele coffee station - that will put your kitchen over the top.

Over the past 19 years, I've designed, delivered and installed on average between 60 to 100 each year. I also offer a Custom Kitchen Consultation Package tailored to building professionals, interior designers and homeowners that includes: site measurements, floorplans, product specifications and a project coordination meeting with your contractor. Full site supervision or on-site follow-up is also available.

What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

When I start with your kitchen design, I'm not interested in what you don't like about your old one, I'm interested in how you want to live in the new one. I'll ask questions like how many people are in your family? Who does the primary cooking and shopping? How would you like to entertain? Do you want to be able to cook together? Do you cook with wine? Do you go to the price club and buy 140 boxes of pasta because they're on sale? Why is that important? Because your new kitchen will need space for that.

Your answers will help me figure out how many ovens you need, if you need a warming drawer, or a separate beverage cooler but that's just the beginning. There are many specifics in terms of how the kitchen relates to adjoining spaces, cabinet manufacture, building codes concerning plumbing and electric, appliance clearances, flooring, ventilation, and personal preference when it comes to organizing the design of a custom kitchen. Everything has to be mapped out to the 1/8 of an inch to be successful.

Is Being "Green" Important To You?

I have two grandsons so I'm conscious about using green products whenever I can but this is your kitchen and we'll choose the finishes that complement your design. However, I will introduce you to sustainable woods like alder for cabinets and bamboo and coconut palm shell flooring. I also use low VOC paint products for better health and although I love the beauty of natural stone, I hate what quarries do to the landscape so I'll also show you options for man-made countertops along with ones that are made of recycled glass.

Have You Done Any Commercial Kitchens?

Yes! I have put kitchens in law offices, media offices, a Boys & Girls Club, a daycare center and even a firehouse. I've also designed office spaces for realtors, real estate management and media companies.

Moldings, Millwork, Built-ins & Other Details.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of quality millwork. Perhaps because window seats have always held a certain charm to me - a safe, comfy view of the world. They're also a fantastic built-in solution for awkward walls. I look for opportunities to add these intimate nooks and to include other whimsical touches, like topping the balusters with decorative glass balls or fitting triple-folding mirrored doors over the shoe racks in your walk-in closet so you feel like you're in a high-end department store dressing room.

Adding these and other architectural details like moldings, columns and window pediments will really dial up the custom feeling inside of a home. I've also installed media centers, home libraries and butler's pantries making sure that every piece from floor to ceiling, including windowsill and door, fits together like a New York Times crossword puzzle.

Free Reign

I love the texture and shine of fabrics from vintage women's skirt suits, like Versace and Coco Chanel, and I'm obsessed with everything Tudor. So you'll notice that strong lines, large scale, vintage details and touches of vivid, deep tones like garnet, gold, black, gold, silver, amber, cobalt blue and burnt orange influence my work. Whether it's a great room, a playroom, a romantic bedroom or an elevator to the wine cellar, I want people to feel proud in their homes, to create new traditions, and to entertain and share your dream castle with your friends.

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