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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to YA!

As the year’s end rolls around I find myself reflecting……. This year has been amazing! I have had great clients, fab projects, fun family time and a little love from some digital and print media. Native Trails, a company with values I admire for it’s commitment to environmentally conscious manufacturing, chose to honor me with this Holiday blog story and I hope you enjoy it!

Designers We Love: Toni Sabatino


Right off the bat, one thing you notice about Toni Sabatino is she enjoys life and lives it to the fullest. Read through her blog or tweets, or talk to her on the phone, and you get the sense that she infuses fun into everything she does, charming and delighting those in her association. This is not to say that Toni shouldn’t be taken seriously – anything but. She’s definitely a force in the industry: she’s designed kitchens & baths for over two decades, is a member of the KB+B Editorial Advisory Board, is featured on houzz.com TV, and is a member of the Sustainable Furnishing Council.

This holiday season, Native Trails caught up with Toni just after she put up a client’s Christmas tree, adorned with holiday ornaments that embody the holiday spirit: whimsical, charming, elegant. We chatted with Toni about her design style, inspiration, and her Christmas tree tradition.

NT: You have been decorating a client’s Christmas tree for over ten years, and it is has become a holiday tradition for you. Tell us about that.

TS: Aside from decorating for my own family and a few offices, I have had the joy of “bringing Christmas” to a client family by decorating their home for the holidays, including trimming the Christmas tree. For the past few years, my son has helped me, so it truly has become a family tradition for us. Let me just say, this is a BIG tree. Four men set it up and wire it to the wall – then comes the actual decorating. When we started ten years ago the tree had a grand, department store look, with huge, gold dipped pine cones, bows of ribbon and sparkly, red garland. Over the years, as the family has grown and changed, we’ve added paper angels and stars, class pictures attached to paper trees, and the like; giving it an intimate family feel. We incorporate pieces that are meaningful to the family.

NT: This year, you specifically wanted to include Native Trails’ copper star ornaments. What led you to select these?

TS: Every year, I bring the client a little gift – this year, that little something was your stars. As a grandmother, I am very concerned about the future of our planet, so I incorporate sustainable products and materials into my designs whenever possible. I guess you could say this has been even a bigger focus for me this year. Earlier this year, while on a furniture pilgrimage to High Point Market, I learned about and joined the Sustainable Furnishings Council, then took their GREENLeaders training course. So when I learned of Native Trails’ recycled copper holiday ornaments, I felt they were the perfect addition to the tree.
NT: Thank you so much for sharing your story and tree decorating with us. It turned out beautifully! You’ve been a kitchen and bath designer for over 20 years, and started your own interiors business two years ago. Is it your commitment to sustainability that led you to Native Trails?

TS: Actually, I was first introduced to Native Trails by a client who specifically wanted your copper Farmhouse sink. The family wanted a rich but organic feeling with a rustic quality that would work with the adjoining spaces of the home, and the warmth of the copper sink was a perfect choice. The sustainability was a huge added benefit.

NT: We’re intrigued that your client led you to us. Are your clients often a source of creative inspiration?

TS: Yes, definitely. I like spaces to be congruous and I like clients to wear their spaces well. I gain inspiration from the space I am working on: its natural surroundings, view, architecture, and ultimately the client’s closet! It’s part of my job to get a good handle on the clients’ needs and style and find the products to make it happen. What I love about this is that I’m always adding to my product knowledge and seeking out the newest product innovations.

NT: If your blog is any evidence, you have a good handle on the newest product innovations, and your product knowledge can definitely be seen in your design style. How would you describe your signature style?

TS: I would describe my current aesthetic as contemporary with a nod to old world elegance and a touch of whimsy added in. I love whimsy. I like to incorporate whimsical touches and organic elements in my designs.

NT: We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for your future designs. Happy Holidays!

For more information on Toni Sabatino, view her website: https://tonisabatinostyle.com/

Thanks so much to Native Trails for the LOVE and I wish all of you the Merriest of Christmas’ and the Happiest of New Years!


Looking Forward….. Sustainability In Your Home

member SFCWhile on my furniture pilgrimage to High Point, NC, I joined the Sustainable Furnishings Council. I was moved by a presentation about the health concerns created by furnishings in the home as well as the commitment of these fine folks to ensuring that planet friendly, sustainable practices are used during the manufacturing process. They define sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. I think this is very important. I have also found myself looking at the kitchen and bath products I am specifying with more focus on planet friendly manufacturing including using recycled materials and conservation practices.Two manufacturers have impressed me greatly with their commitment to the environment.

My love for all things Art Deco led me to checking out some bathing beauties from California Faucets.

California Faucets Art Deco Collection

California Faucets Art Deco Collection

California Faucets wall mount rain head

California Faucets wall mount rain head

California Faucets sleek lines

California Faucets sleek lines

I was so pleased to read about their concern for the environmentand the the sustainable practices they follow. This link is a listing of green concerns http://www.calfaucets.com/green-philosophy  and more can be found on their Facebook page in an album titled California Faucets Cares About the Environment.

Native Trails is an artisanal manufacturer of some beautiful hand crafted products for both the kitchen and bath industry and home decor. Lovely copper holiday ornaments are a new addition that caught my eye. Sustainable and recycled materials are used for the copper and concrete sinks they manufacture for both kitchen and bath. They also make some beautiful bath furniture using reclaimed wood and a gorgeous line of copper tables.

Native Trails Concrete sink

Native Trails Concrete sink

Copper Star Holiday Ornaments

Copper Star Holiday Ornaments

With so many choices available, it makes me happy to specify products from companies that share my values and concerns about sustainability. I encourage you to consider the culture of the brands you buy. I hope you find their practices in line with your values. 🙂