Statement or Minimalist?

I, like so many of you, have been in my space for quite some time. I am lucky that this current space is in the suburbs, has a yard and garden, and I have been able to get the supplies I need to manage during this difficult time. The COVID-19 virus has changed life for so many and although this is a temporary situation, I believe it has forever impacted what we need or maybe simply want from our homes.

I had the pleasure of moderating a thoughtful discussion about entertaining at home during this past fall High Point Market. The panel discussion, “Entertaining Beyond the Bar” was hosted and sponsored by Monogram, the first of the major appliance brands (to my knowledge) to address the importance of the kitchen to interior design and especially interior designers. We discussed a variety of lifestyles, floor plan options, fun and personal entertaining stories and how the kitchen had become a “dinner theatre” of sorts. People enjoying some wine or other libation while watching a hired chef prepare the meal, helping prepare the meal themselves or simply watching the flambe, saute action or other preparation marvel were becoming a common scene prior to our isolation. I think the cooking shows, popularity of chefs and desire for a healthier lifestyle have fueled that movement but I also believe the sheer fun, the good times created and remembered while preparing food are good for the soul.

The conversation at High Point happened around the unveiling of two new collections from Monogram, the Statement Collection and the Minimalist Collection which brings me back to my topic. Are you a statement kind of person or a minimalist when it comes to your kitchen. Do you love the embellished chef inspired stainless steel with brass trimmings saying “Hey! I love my kitchen and all it means to my lifestyle. Come play in it with me and lets break bread!” or are you the one that wants the sleek hidden in plain sight kitchen that is almost not noticed in the scheme of the design but has incredible function in spite of that?

The good news is that when this is all over and your life opens back up to abundance, all the ideas you have floated during the isolation time can be turned into reality with some of this great product offering and a good designer. I wish you safety and sanity until that time.

Toni 🙂

Photo courtesy of MONOGRAM pop up shop at High Point Market OCT 2019
Photo courtesy of MONOGRAM pop up shop at High Point Market OCT 2019