Making Selections That Fit Just Right

black and white selectionsHow do you do it? Here is part of my thought process for creating something that is both striking and comforting. This Valentino purse and fabric from a vintage Evan Picone skirt were instrumental in making the selections for this bath in progress. The amount of products on the market can be overwhelming so taking cues from a client’s closet is my¬†way of narrowing the options and creating a space the client can really live in. I love rich texture, shine, and compelling patterns. So does my client.¬†Getting the feel of the client’s style by creating a custom border with black glass inserts that coordinated to the floor pattern that gives the feel of vintage fashion were how we created this “master-ful” bath palette that the client really loves!

Are you overwhelmed by the selection process? Drop me a note and we can create a space that fits just right!

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